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Professional website design to grow your brand & business

We're your solution if your brand needs a responsive & mobile-optimized custom website, an online store, beautiful galleries, or a professional blog. You've come to the right place.

As a Las Vegas business for over 20 years, we've specialized in custom web design for startups, established businesses, organizations, and the government sector.

Our custom websites are exclusively designed & hand-crafted to fully reflect your brand. We work with you to design a modern, responsive & mobile-optimized website that works on today's devices and beautifully presents all the great things about your brand, gains you traffic, and attracts customers.

Customer testimonial from Jeff Donahue of the Fire Prevention Association of Nevada

Your expertise in website design, thought provoking ideas, and ability to communicate those ideas to our Board & Program Directors made the task of creating our site an easy one for us.

Jeff Donahue Fire Marshal & President,
Fire Prevention Association of Nevada


  • Lifetime Website Warranty
  • Responsive & mobile-optimized design
  • Consultations & Personalized Attention
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Submission to search engines & directories
  • Website Analytics software & reports
  • Online Contact Forms
  • Domain Name & Web Hosting Setup
  • Designed, built & supported in the U.S.A.
  • Email Accounts & Setup (optional)
  • Social Media integration
  • Modern cross-browser compatibility
  • HTML5 + CSS3 code for advanced websites
  • Website backup & restoration services
  • Smart tech support via phone & email
  • Website Updating & Support services

Relax. Web Design is Our Job.

Great custom websites, unwavering quality & peace of mind

20+ Years in Las Vegas

Longer than other firms, we've provided great custom website design & updating and support services to our clients locally and nationwide

Free Up Your Valuable Time

Use your time growing your brand, business, or organization, while we focus on taking care of your website design needs

Prompt Reliability

You'll never get frustrated working with us as we deliver prompt service & quick turnaround times when you need updates done to your website

We're Here for You

You'll always receive fast, dependable attention & service when you have questions or want to discuss your ideas with us

Lifetime Website Warranty

We stand behind our work, giving you peace of mind, value & the security of knowing that your website investment is protected

Made in the U.S.A.

American designed, built & maintained websites, giving you the highest quality in the world while supporting our Las Vegas economy

Updating & Support

We can perform fast & high-quality website updates, so that you can present the latest content and information to your customers

Mobile-Optimized Websites

Mobile browsing has exceeded desktop browsing and we build with responsive & mobile-optimized web design, ensuring that your website looks great on modern devices

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We perform strong website SEO that ranks you higher for organic search engine results so that customers can find you on search engines

Quality Assured Work

Every new website design and its updates are hand-crafted to perfection and quality control checked & tested to ensure we deliver the finest work to you

Standards Compliant Websites

We build websites that support established W3C international standards to work with modern web browsers and assistive technologies

Website Security

We partner with website hosts that provide the backup & security to keep your website safe from hacks, data breaches & intrusions that can affect your business


Mobile-optimized websites that attract & convert customers

Almost 75% of smartphone users abandon websites that aren’t mobile-friendly or optimized for mobile devices. In our increasingly mobile Internet world, a responsive & mobile-optimized website is essential to your business success.

Your customers need to be able to access your brand's products, services, and contact information wherever & whenever they want it on any device.

We build with responsive & mobile-optimized web design so that websites automatically adapt to fit the screen sizes of modern mobile devices. Your website will look and perform beautifully on full-size PCs, laptops, tablets & smartphones.

All searches made on mobile devices
Online traffic coming from mobile devices
Small Businesses that have Websites (2015)
Customers who leave a site not mobile-friendly

Mobile-Optimized Websites Rank Higher on Bing & Google

In 2015, GOOGLE and BING search engines began boosting the search engine rankings for responsive & mobile-optimized websites.

If your website is not responsive or mobile-friendly, you will suffer a loss in your search engine rankings, resulting in fewer customers finding your website.

Invest now in a mobile-friendly website design to improve your search engine rankings & generate revenue.

 Read GOOGLE's official statement
 Read BING's official statement

Display Beautiful Videos

Take advantage of new HTML5 web technology to display beautiful & ultra-sharp videos on Retina Screen Displays that adapt to any screen size


SEO to help your brand rank higher on Google, Bing, Yahoo & more Bing and Google showing mobile-friendly search results for a small business on mobile phones

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services optimize every page of your website for higher organic search engine rankings. Higher rankings mean that you're more visible to local & global customers using search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo! to find the products and services that you offer. Customers are then successfully driven to your website.

Our SEO services are designed to increase visibility within the ever-changing search engine algorithms for organic, natural, and free search results to deliver high quality, targeted traffic to your website for local SEO & global SEO.

Keyword Research

Content keyword research, tuning, and implementation that will place your website higher in search engine rankings, making it more visible to customers & direct them to your website

Local & National SEO

Optimization of your website & listing for optimal performance in local searches, national searches, and beyond

Google & Bing Analytics

We integrate your choice of website analytics software so that you can track performance, hits, number of visits, how customers are searching & finding you, and much more

Ethical 'White Hat' SEO

We don't perform gimmicks or 'Black Hat' SEO techniques that will penalize your site's search enging rankings. We use ethical and safe practices approved by Google & Bing.

Link Building, Blogs & Press Releases

Consultations on effective practices to get the most SEO value and traffic from your ads, content & linkings, while avoiding penalizations

Optimized Content Writing

'Content is King' and the key to successful SEO. We write, edit, or assist you with writing good, solid and relevant content for all pages, products & services.

Brand Awareness

We get your website listed on quality resources to help build legitimate citations & drive meaningful traffic back to your site

Technical Website Optimization

On page SEO for website content optimization of meta tag keywords, phrases, descriptions. Also, optimization of all code & page assets to maximize site speed

Social Media Strategies

Consultation & optional setup of local listings and social media accounts to claim, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google Places, LinkedIn, Bing Business Places & others

And Much More!

The full extent of our SEO services will be discussed during our website development consultations with you


Your have the advantage of our web development expertise & experience to exceed your goals


For the ultimate in custom web design and features, we hand-craft and code websites in pure HTML5 & CSS3

Our specialty is designing & building beautiful custom websites from the ground up, tailored with features to meet your goals. Inferior 'web designers' use cheap, clunky & free templates and claim they're custom. We don't.

Our clients value their brand and want that represented by the finest web design in the world. We design & hand-code custom websites to give our sophisticated clients the ultimate in design freedom, flexibility, and the highest quality.

We use the latest web technologies to power your website with the latest features: HTML5, CSS3, ASP.Net, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap & many others.

Modern & Accessible Websites

We develop websites that support established W3C standards, ensuring that your website works with all modern web browsers. Our websites include coding for accessibility features for the handi-capable using screen readers and other assistive technologies.


We build & customize responsive WordPress websites and blogs that you can choose to self-manage

For clients who wish to self-manage their websites, we also offer our WordPress website design & blog services for personal, business, or organization needs, using the most popular CMS platform in the world.

We set up, configure & customize your WordPress website to meet your goals. You can choose from thousands of professionally designed WordPress themes & plugins to provide the features you want.

The WordPress platform is designed so that you can choose to self-manage your website. You can be responsible for all updates, security, plug-ins, configurations, backups, issues, and all other aspects. You may also retain us to handle all of this for you.

Due to the self-managed nature of WordPress, they are only offered a limited website warranty.

WordPress logo on a responsive laptop display


You have important things to do.
We'll take care of your website.

As an optional service after a website is delivered to a client, we offer our Website Updating & Support services. For an hourly rate, we will provide complete, reliable & efficient updating services so that you can present the latest content to your customers. We also ensure that your website runs smoothly with a 99.9% uptime rate.

Like your computer or car, your website will need regular maintenance, minor tune-ups & updates to keep it fresh and running correctly. Our services include simple textual changes, photo editing, new pages, significant site-wide changes, modifying your design, or any other changes you require.

Website Pricing

  • Our pricing for custom website design is based on a per-project basis
  • During consultations, the goals of the client determines the project's scope & pricing
  • We submit a proposal and quote for your approval before we begin the website's design & development
  • Learn more about Our Approach & Process

Website Consultation

  • We meet with you and provide free initial consultations & discussions
  • We discuss your ideas and help you determine your website goals
  • We have the freedom & time to explore the ideas that emerge during our discussions
  • Email Us or call us today at 702.341.5358

Need Marketing Design?

We design logos, ads for web & print, social media marketing, email marketing, and much more Go to Marketing & SEO

Need an Online Store?

We build e-commerce stores with our pro-grade platform partners
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Our Web Design Process

  • Consultation & Research

    We collaborate with you to understand your brand, organization, and customers to determine the requirements & specifications of your new website
  • Design & Development

    After you approve a plan that we present to you, we go to work designing & coding your new website. You're actively involved during the store's entire design & creation process. It's fun!
  • Quality Testing

    Prior to going live, your website goes through a rigorous quality testing process to ensure everything works perfectly & that you’re completely satisfied
  • Launch & Promotion

    3, 2, 1...LIFT OFF!
    Your new website is launched on the Internet, open to your customers locally & around the world. SEO coding is finalized & we submit the website to search engines for indexing.
  • Updating & Support

    We're here for you when your website needs updates & changes or when you have questions. We also ensure that your website always runs smoothly & jump into action if something is amiss.

Help & Questions

Do you need a Website Redesign
Do you already have a website, but need a refresh or redesign? We can help to update your existing website or design a new website to replace your outdated one.

Please contact us to discuss your ideas
Lost control of your website
Do you have a website that you've lost control of? We can assist with re-acquiring your website, domain name, website hosting, and email accounts that have been abandoned, mis-treated, or held hostage by other 'web designers'.

Please contact us to discuss your situation
Lost your website account information
Have you lost your website's account, domain name, email, or hosting account information and don't know what to do? We know where to look and can help you retrieve this information that may have been lost, taken by an employee, or held hostage by other 'web designers'. We'll help you get back in control of your web properties and accounts.

Please contact us to discuss your situation
Do you offer website updating & maintenance
Yes. After we deliver your new website, you may retain us to update & maintain the website for our hourly service fee. We highly advise this to maintain your Lifetime Website Warranty and to ensure the highest quality of work is done for you.
Who owns & controls my domain name and web hosting accounts
YOU DO! Snelling Web Development requires that you pay for, own, and control your domain name and web hosting accounts. This ensures that you are always in control of your vital online properties.

One of the horror stories that we hear from new clients is that their current malicious web developer has control of their domain name, website, and/or hosting account and is holding them hostage for money or other reasons.

Another common situation is that their flaky web developer has vanished with their money, domain name, and accounts...and the client is left in the wind with nothing.

We at Snelling Web Development are trustworthy, but that doesn't mean we want the keys to your car or house...and we certainly don't want the keys to your website or other online properties. You will own & control your website and accounts.
How is a website project quote determined
We incorporate many aspects into determining our project proposals for websites. We simply cannot give you a solid estimate on time and budget without knowing more about what your needs are, what research has already been done and needs to be done, what gaps exist, the size of the website, what content & graphic assets need to be created, who the audience/demographic is, and what exact deliverables are expected & agreed upon.

Put another way, if you ask an architect how much a house will cost to design & build, they cannot give you an estimate without knowing everything you want in your new home; how many rooms, if you want plastic or copper piping, wood floors or carpeting, marble or Formica counters, etc.

During our consultations, we determine your needs, then schedule follow-up meetings via in-person, email, or video chat where more details are determined. Neither of us want surprises, so we do our best to eliminate them and be accurate.

We'll need to fully understand what your company/organization and brand is all about, what your business strategy is, the current status of the project, info about any homework that has been done already, and what goals you're hoping for. We can then present you with a proposal consisting of more thorough logistics, actionable to-dos, and a project quote.

Our time spent on this research & discovery is always considered billable time.

Will we be happy working together
If you're ok with the following, we'll all be happy:

  • You want the best
  • You appreciate high-quality work, attention to detail, and understand that such work comes with a price
  • You value your brand and know that cheap or free websites will not represent your brand professionally
  • You have formed a realistic budget, thought about your website goals, and are ready to proceed with a website. We will be asking you many questions during our consultation to determine if the project can proceed successfully.
  • You understand that to know anything useful about your brand, company, organization, or the project requires asking a lot of questions
  • You believe that communication and iteration are very important
  • You understand that professional and high quality website development is a serious field requiring years of experience, mastery of many design, usability & programming disciplines, and requiring countless hours of education & reading to keep current with the technologies involved
  • You understand that there is more involved in professional design than "making it pretty"
  • We respect your time & expertise in your field. We expect you to respect ours.
  • We don't offer discounts and you understand why
If these sound reasonable to you, please contact us to discuss your ideas
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  • Customer testimonial from Dr. Joseph DeMaria of Americana Safety

    Your imaginative and innovative abilities in developing one-of-a-kind websites is truly a testament to your creative genius in the field of custom website development.

    Dr. Joseph DeMaria President & CEO,
    Americana Safety
  • Customer testimonial from Detective Patrick Febbraro of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

    The website you developed was a great resource for friends, family & local residents who wanted to know about and pray for Officer Hernandez’s progress & recovery, as well as donate money to help his family.

    Det. Patrick Febbraro Detective,
    Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
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