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We've listed the most frequently asked questions about our website development & design services and how we work with clients. If you don't find an answer below, get in touch and we'll be happy to help & answer your questions. We have over 20 years of experience developing websites and we're happy to help you.

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Website Questions & Answers

What are the costs involved in building & owning a website?
There are usually four costs associated with having a website, listed below:

Domain Name - Typically $10-30/year

This is the website address or “URL” of your website, such as We assist you with choosing & registering your domain name from companies called domain registrars, such as Since you own the domain name, you pay this fee directly to the registrar company and it is not part of our fees.

Web Hosting - Typically $10-$25+/month
This is where your website lives on the Internet and these companies are called 'web hosts' or 'web servers', since they 'serve' your website to the public. Once we develop your website, we upload it to your web host so that it can be viewed by anyone on the Internet.

We partner with and other professional-grade web hosting companies to ensure that your website is hosted on a server of the highest quality & reliability. As part of our web development services, we handle the setup and assist you with purchasing a suitable web hosting account. Since you own the web hosting account, you pay this fee directly to the web hosting company and it is not part of our fees.

Website Design & Development
Getting a website designed and built can vary in price, depending upon the size and complexity of the website. Our Website Design services are for clients that desire a custom designed & one-a-kind website, built from the ground up, that suits their unique needs & specifications.

Custom website pricing is quoted on an individual basis once the scope of the project has been thoroughly discussed and determined. All costs are discussed with the client and a project proposal & quote document is submitted for approval before a project begins.

Updating & Support
After your website is completed and goes live on the Internet, our Updating & Support services can be employed to keep your website up to date with your newest content and updated information. We charge an hourly rate for any changes & updates made to the website and send you an invoice at the end of the month.

Updates can include simple changes, such as updating your business address or replacing a picture. They can also include significant updates, such as adding new pages to the website. There are no hidden fees and all updates are billed on a hourly basis. Also, we never charge to correct an error that we made. At your request, we will quote you a price for any updates that you request.

Other Potential Costs
Depending on the type of website you require, there may be other costs that normal websites don't have.

Ecommerce websites may have additional costs for items such as SSL certificates for security purposes, or upgraded hosting for faster performance and the ability to handle larger volumes of traffic.

Other types of websites might have a greater volume of traffic, numbering in the thousands (or 10s of thousands) a day. Those sites may require the use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to handle the extra traffic and speed up how fast they can deliver a site to viewers.

During our consultations, we'll help you determine the needs of your website and make appropriate recommendations.
Design Process for Websites
Every client & website is different, but the design process for a website is fairly consistent:

Step 1: Meeting, Consultation & Discussion (No Charge)
Our first step is a one-on-one consultation with the client to help guide the decision making processes concerning the site's design, feature sets, goals, and size. Your input is very important because this is where you give us a detailed description of what you want the site to do and how you want it to look. As we learn more about the site during this meeting, we make suggestions and present ideas for you to consider. Once we're all satisfied and clear about your new website, we then go to work on a proposal and quote document for your approval.

Step 2: Proposal & Quote Approval
We submit to you our official proposal & quote document that describes the website we've agreed to build, including the details of our discussions and agreed upon specifications. This document also contains the quote for the website's development for your approval.

Step 3: Deposit
Once you approve the website, we require a deposit to begin work. The balance of the quote will be due upon the website's completion, before it's uploaded to the web server and goes live on the Internet.

Step 4: Website Design & Development
We now go to work designing and building your new website! During this phase, you'll provide to us all the textual content, pictures, and other information you would like on the website. We proof and polish everything that you provide to us to ensure the highest quality content. All content that you provide or that we develop is tuned for proper & strong search engine optimization (SEO).

Step 5: Website Preview & Quality Testing
When the website is nearly complete, we begin uploading it to the web server for you to preview and review to make final edits and changes. We also perform quality testing on the website to ensure everything is correct and working properly.

Step 6: Client Approval
At this point, you and your colleagues preview the completed site, make any final changes, and give your final approval for it to launch. The balance of the website's quote will be due before we launch the website.

Step 7: Launch of the Website
The site is opened to the public and final testing and polishing are done! At this point, now that the site is complete, we then submit the website to the major search engines for indexing by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more, so that customers can easily locate your website. After the launch, any final glitches found will be fixed.
Who owns & controls my domain name and web hosting account
YOU DO! Snelling Web Development requires that you pay for, own, and control your domain name and web hosting accounts. This ensures that you are always in control of your vital online properties.

One of the horror stories that we hear from new clients is that their current malicious web developer has control of their domain name, website, and/or hosting account and is holding them hostage for money or other reasons.

Another common situation is that their flaky web developer has vanished with their money, domain name, and accounts...and the client is left in the wind with nothing.

We at Snelling Web Development are trustworthy, but that doesn't mean we want the keys to your car or house...and we certainly don't want the keys to your website or other online properties. You will own & control your website and accounts.
Do you offer website updating & maintenance
Yes. After we deliver your new website, you may retain us to update & maintain the website for our hourly service fee. We highly advise this to maintain your Lifetime Website Warranty and to ensure the highest quality of work is done for you.
Tell me more about websites, domain names & web hosting
Don't worry!  We're here to answer your questions...and all of our clients learn more about the Internet with us!

To help you visualize this, think of your home...

Website: Your home on the Internet
A website is your home on the Internet that represents your business or organization. You customers visit you there, learn about your products & services, see pictures, and can communicate with you there...just like at your real home.

Domain Name: Your address on the Internet
A domain name, also called a URL, is your website's address on the Internet, such as It is used so that people can easily identify and find your website on the Internet. Your domain name is like your home's number address.

Web Hosting: Your website's home on the Internet
Just like your real home is located on a plot of land, a website is located on a web host, also called a web server. A web server is a computer where your website is located & housed on the Internet, so that it can be 'served' out to the public. When your website is complete, we upload it to this web server. Once it's there, anyone in the world can visit the website...with your website address (domain name)!

Now, let's tie it all together:
When someone wants to visit your website (home), they type into their web browser your website's domain name (address). The magic of the Internet, like the post office delivering your mail, looks up your domain name and figures out where your website is located on the Internet (the web server). And presto...that person is delivered to your website!
Are SEO results guaranteed
No. It would be untrue & unethical for any SEO service provider to guarantee specific search engine results or rankings. There are too many variables under the control of the search engines that influence SEO results. Ethical SEO specialists can only follow best practices and proven techniques that allow search engines to properly index your content and improve search rankings.

Any provider that promises higher SEO results is either lying or has a fundamental lack of understanding of SEO. Our SEO practices are strictly "white hat" and ethical. We don't perform gimmicks that will penalize your site. We use ethical and safe practices approved by Google & Bing.

Cautions & Warnings

Dangers to watch for when selecting a web designer
Unfortunately, every industry has its horror stories. Here are some "web designer" horror stories told by our new clients:

  • They realize that their web designer is unreliable and doesn't know the job
  • Their web designer takes their money, but never delivers a completed website
  • They have a hard time contacting their web designer or getting their website updated
  • Their web designer vanishes with their usernames/passwords, account info, and website
We believe in professionalism & honesty and are empathetic that you may have had an unpleasant experience with a former web designer. Many of our clients were referred to us after an unpleasant and costly experience. That’s why we're very proud of our satisfied clients that continue to refer new clients to us.
Avoid free, cheap & $1.00 websites
We all see the ads on TV & the Internet and wonder 'How do they do a website for so cheap or free?'

Most of these operations look like they're American companies, and it might be an American company making the transaction. But they're actually outsourcing the website work to foreign countries, such as China, India, or Pakistan, because of the very cheap labor in those countries. And the websites are usually made from clunky, low-quality templates.

The sites are made cheaply, by cheap labor, and suffer from several problems that can affect your business:

  • Poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Although they claim to do the SEO for you, it's very poorly done, if done at all. This affects your website AND business because it won't show up in search engine listings, or it will rank very low, thus negatively impacting your business.
  • Low Website Quality
    Their services are usually very basic, adding your pictures & text to a clunky template, maybe some minor customizations...and that's all. You & your business will NOT look good to potential customers.
  • Poor Customer Support
    Usually, you have NO direct interaction with a web designer or whoever is making your website in a far-off country. Typically, you're assigned an account representative who speaks English, but they're the middle-man, standing between you and the cheap labor 'making' your website.

    If you do have access to whoever is making your website, it's usually very hard to communicate with them because English is their second/third language
  • Hidden Charges & Gotchas
    Many of these cheap website outfits hide hidden costs from you until after your website is made. Typically, they'll get your credit card number, upselling you on packages, charge you nothing or a few dollars, then spend hours with you getting your content, making your website, then launching it.

    And now, maybe you feel great! You've got a website! Until they hit you with the hidden monthly or yearly charges for website updating & to keep the website alive...costs that are usually hundreds to thousands of dollars.

    They figure that once you've spent the time & effort to get your website built, that you'll be exhausted and not want to cancel the deal and delete the website once they spring the hidden charges on you.
Snelling Web Development is an American company. All of our websites are American designed, built & maintained, giving you the finest quality while supporting our economy.
OWN your domain name & web hosting accounts for security
Would you put your brand or business name under someone else's control? No.

Today, your website domain name and web hosting accounts are just as important as your brand name and should be controlled by you. We require that you own your domain name and web hosting account, and that you are responsible for all registration and renewal fees. This ensures that no one else, including us, can ever steal this valuable asset from you.

We require this ownership for your piece of mind & security. Unfortunately, many unprofessional web designers will stealthily register your domain name & web hosting account under their own name, keep the usernames and passwords, and then hold them 'hostage' and use them as a form of control and extortion over you for payments. In this case, they are the legal owners and there's almost nothing that you can do about it. Many of our clients were victims of this unethical ploy before they came to us.

For your security, we recommend & require that all clients register, pay for, and own their accounts with companies like GoDaddy or Network Solutions. Domain names and web hosting cost just a few dollars per year to register and we assist you through the process.

By requiring your ownership, you're always in control of an important asset. And with your permission, we access the domain name and web hosting accounts when we need to perform updating & maintenance for your website.

Do You Need Website Help?

Do you need a Website Redesign
Do you already have a website, but need a refresh or redesign? We can help to update your existing website or design a new website to replace your outdated one.

Please contact us to discuss your ideas
Lost control of your website
Do you have a website that you've lost control of? We can assist with re-acquiring your website, domain name, website hosting, and email accounts that have been abandoned, mis-treated, or held hostage by other 'web designers'.

Please contact us to discuss your situation
Lost your website account information
Have you lost your website's account, domain name, email, or hosting account information and don't know what to do?

We know where to look and can help you retrieve this information that may have been lost, taken by an employee, or held hostage by other 'web designers'. We'll help you get back in control of your web properties and accounts.

Please contact us to discuss your situation

Quotes, Payments & Invoices

How is a website project quote determined
We incorporate many aspects into determining our project proposals for websites. We simply cannot give you a solid estimate on time and budget without knowing more about what your needs are, what research has already been done and needs to be done, what gaps exist, the size of the website, what content & graphic assets need to be created, who the audience/demographic is, and what exact deliverables are expected & agreed upon.

Put another way, if you ask an architect how much a house will cost to design & build, they cannot give you an estimate without knowing everything you want in your new home; how many rooms, if you want plastic or copper piping, wood floors or carpeting, marble or Formica counters, etc.

During our consultations, we determine your needs, then schedule follow-up meetings via in-person, email, or video chat where more details are determined. Neither of us want surprises, so we do our best to eliminate them and be accurate.

We'll need to fully understand what your company/organization and brand is all about, what your business strategy is, the current status of the project, info about any homework that has been done already, and what goals you're hoping for. We can then present you with a proposal consisting of more thorough logistics, actionable to-dos, and a project quote.

Our time spent on this research & discovery is always considered billable time.

What forms of payment do you accept
As payment for our services, we accept cash, personal & business check, PayPal, or credit card. Once we submit our invoice to you, you may pay by the method you wish.
Can I get a quote via email or phone
No, we don't quote projects via email or phone. We consider many aspects when determining our proposal for your project and simply cannot give you a solid estimate on time & budget without knowing more about the project. We only quote projects after knowing the best way to achieve your goals.

Also, we don’t give quotes based on a list of requirements sent to us.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation
Do you do 'spec' work
Do you compete on pricing
No. We do not compete with quotes or pricing from other shops. Most are low quality designers or amateurs turning out cheap templates & clunky websites. What we charge is not meant to be competitive. If you believe in your brand, our pricing should be seen as a high quality investment you'll be making in your brand & business.
Are there any hidden charges or fees
No. Once your website is paid for, uploaded to your web hosting account, and has gone live, there are no additional or monthly fees paid to us. You now have ownership of your website and our job is done.

However, you have the option of retaining us for continued updating & maintenance on the website for our normal hourly rate when you request work.